Episode 153 – Almost

Hey gang! This week’s episode is our live episode from Tattooed Mom in Philadelphia but we don’t have the audio style file yet. Sorry! Soon Though. Thank you everyone who came out and supported us. It was a total joy.  


Episode 152 – Sweet Heat

Hey everyone! Hope that you are doing so wonderful and having so much fun or at least you know that life is good and that you are loved. We have a stacked lineup on this weeks show. A man called Adam joins the original triforce and there are tons of goofs and gags. Also, if you purposefully litter, you should...


Episode 151 – Lasagna

Oh hello for you gang! We are having a fun time on this episode. So much fun that it will pierce into your heart and soul and you will be filled with love and friendship! Cousin Joe is here, and after far too long, our friend Gus has returned. We have so many conversation topics that I do not feel...


Episode 150 – Moth

Hey there group! What is going on? Hope you had a great weekend. We have a wonderful episode here for you this week. Some great friends join us for some hearty laughs and well timed goofs and gags. Our dearest pals Rachel and Bill are finally back! It has been too long since we have seen either, but they are...


Episode 149 – Air Conditioned

Whats up yo? Welcome to a very much new episode of our who called a Doom Thugs podcast. Our very dear and nice friend called Keenan from over at the Pop Addled podcast joins us for a super fun episode talking about all kinds of very fun things. Keenan is a great guy and has a great show and is...


Episode 148 – Vietnam

Hello group of friends and pals! Very much fun episode for you this week. My dad, name of Mike, joins us for a laugh filled romp through many topics. It is so fun to hang around with these cats and laugh and goof. I just ate a piece of pizza that was covered in ants. Am I going to get...