Here’s the rules for the games we play on the Doom Thugs podcast.


Radical Whiplash

Mike or Justin will read lyrics from a song in a monotone voice. The contestants must buzz in and complete the lyric.


The Movie Game

One player will start by naming an actor or actress. The next player in rotation must name a movie that actor or actress starred in. The next person after that must name another actor from the same movie just mentioned.

At any point a player can challenge the previous player in the rotation.


Pyramid of Doom


Doom Thugs Presents: Guess That Movie!

Each round the contestants will be trying to guess the name of a movie. The host will read clues that start vague and become increasingly specific. Contestants can buzz in to guess. If they guess right they get a point. If they guess wrong they are out for that particular round. The game is usually played to three points.


A game we shamelessly stole from Jimmy Pardo’s Never Not Funny podcast. Two teams of two are formed. One person is the clue giver, the other is trying to guess the word or phrase. The clue giver can say anything they want aside from the word(s) from the answer. The quicker the teams correctly guess, the more points they get.


Reel Movie Trivia Spelled r-e-e-l

Everyone playing the game takes turns reading questions to the next person in the rotation. If the guesser gets the question right then they get a point. If the guesser gets the question wrong the next person in the rotation can steal the question.



Each round one contestant starts off by naming a general category like U.S. Presidents, ice cream flavors, or brands of soda. Then going in order, each contestant must name something within that category as quickly as possible. If the contestant hesitates or can’t think of anything, they’re out for that round. Last person standing wins the round.


Monster Truck of Rollercoaster

The host will read off the name of either a monster truck or a rollercoaster. It’s the contestants’ job to guess which one it is.


Guess Whom?

The host reads off statements about a historical figure in the first person. Contestants can buzz in to guess. If they get the answer right they get a point. Get it wrong and they’re out for that round.