Hey gang! If you’ve ever wanted to send a tip or a gift to the Doom Thugs crew here’s where you can do that. It’s a handy dandy PayPal donation button! Yippee.

Here’s a few things you should know if you want to donate:

  1. You are never required to donate. We will always release episodes of Doom Thugs for free. You will always be able to listen for free.
  2. There is no donation minimum. Only able to give a buck or two? That’s a-okay by us! Every little bit counts.
  3. The donations will help improve the quality the podcast. Your donations will help us pay for new equipment, website fees, and other maintenance requirements to keep the show going.

If you do choose to donate that we want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. We love you all and wouldn’t be doing this show without your support over the past few years. It means the world to us.