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Episode 161 – Sugar Maple

OMG whats up guys? What a fun episode we have for you this week! Dear old pal Warren is in the house for a heck of a fun ass time! Enjoy listening this while you enjoy your day! We love ya!  


Episode 160 – French Fries

Hey gang! Happy Labor Day. I hope you have the day off to chill and relax. Work suck! Chilling rules! WE have a wonderful episode for you this week with a new friend. It is one of Harrison’s 10,000 cousins, Nolan! Nolan is a great dude and we talk and laugh and goof until the cows come home. We also...


Episode 159 – Scrogzilla

Whats up everyone? How was your weekend? Hope it was pretty good. We have a super fun episode for you this week. A new friend of the show who goes by the name of Jonathan aka Scrogzilla joins us and we laugh and we goof until the cows come home! I very much hope that this episode gives you a...


Episode 158 – Eclipse

Hey gang happy eclipse day. Here’s a short list of things that might happen: occult stuff, mutant transformations, nothing at all, or a full animal takeover of society. Helping us celebrate this momentous occasion are two stalwarts of the Doom Thugs history, Adam & Rachel. Also Joe cameos during the games portion of the show. Take care gang, make sure...


Episode 157 – Season 4

Hello gang, We have made it to season 4! Wow. what a wild trip it has been thus far, huh? We have a special guest joining us this week. New blood by the name of Lena is here and is so fun and nice. We have such a lovely ass time. God bless to all across the world!   I...


Episode 155 – Hole in One

Whats up gang? Not much here on my end. Just watching some internet videos and similar online activities. Please enjoy this fantastic episode featuring some great friends and return guest champions Kyle and Dev. A couple of great dudes ! We love them and love you and wish you the best!             Enjoy the first...


Episode 153 – Philadelphia Podcast Festival 2017

Hey everyone. Wow! Great news for you personally. Bonus episode this week! Here is the live episode from Tattooed Mom as a part of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival 2017. Hope you enjoy! Thanks everyone. Love ya!                


Episode 154 – Surprise

Hello gang. Today is Monday and we have a new episode for you. It is still not the recording of the live episode, and I apologize for that. BUT IT’S COMING SOON (so I’ve been told. I can do many pushups and bench a large amount of weight no problem).   Anyway. We have a very good episode for you...


Episode 153 – Almost

Hey gang! This week’s episode is our live episode from Tattooed Mom in Philadelphia but we don’t have the audio style file yet. Sorry! Soon Though. Thank you everyone who came out and supported us. It was a total joy.