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Episode 174 – Peak Hours

Hey gang! How are you doing? Hope that you’re having a great day. We have a very special episode for you this week. We have our dear Friends Adam and April here to have a talk and have some laughs. This can be a very stressful time of year, so just take an hour to hang out with us and...


Episode 173 – Quake

Whats up everybody? Hope that you’re doing well. We have a nice episode for you this week. First time guest and long time cousin of Mike, Andrew, joins Mike and Joe for some fun. A lot of talking and laughing and goofing occurs. It is very good and neat! I am thankful that this finally came together. Bye.    


Episode 172 – Columbia House

Ok wow hi gang. How are you this evening? Oh or morning. I’m writing this in the morning. That is why I said that. I’m sorry. Anyway. We have an episode for you this week that some people would consider a “throwback” style episode. Justin and myself sit down and talk as though it was 2010. It’s fun. We explain...


Episode 171 – Rhythm Bandits

Oh hey gang what is up? We have a very fun episode for you today. My dear friends with the names of Adam and Timmy join me in the studio and we just get right down to brass tacks talking all kinds of important things. Hope you enjoy it. Hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love you.  ...


Episode 170 – Crossover

Hey baby what is up? What a treat we have for you today! We have what is called in the biz a “crossover” with our dear friends from the I’ve Made a Huge Mistake podcast. They are very cute and cool and we have such a good time on this episode with many different goofs and gags. Some games are...


Episode 169 – 169

Sup guys hey check this shit out! Great new episode for you all to listen to and enjoy. It is dark all day long now and there is no sun! Oh well! Let’s have fun anyways!      


Episode 167 – Mashworthy

Hey gang! Hope you’re having an enjoyable October and that you are feeling happy and fulfilled. We have just a wonderful episode on tap for you guys this week. Dearest Rachel and Warren are here to talk about so much fun and goofs that you will not even believe it and you will try to get me arrested!! Don’t do...


Episode 166 – Hershey Park

Hey gang. Life on earth can be sweet and good. Like when you spend a day riding coasters with your pals and laughing and goofing. That is what goes on here. Good god we are lucky people.


Episode 165 – Dollarita

Hey guys what is up? Having a fun time ?? I sure as hell hope that is the case. Here for you is a fantastic episode with our old and dear friend Bill! He is just the freaking best guy around and we love him. We have a metric ton of fun this week, hitting each other with so many...