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Episode 166 – Hershey Park

Hey gang. Life on earth can be sweet and good. Like when you spend a day riding coasters with your pals and laughing and goofing. That is what goes on here. Good god we are lucky people.


Episode 165 – Dollarita

Hey guys what is up? Having a fun time ?? I sure as hell hope that is the case. Here for you is a fantastic episode with our old and dear friend Bill! He is just the freaking best guy around and we love him. We have a metric ton of fun this week, hitting each other with so many...


Episode 164 – Octubre

Hey gang! It’s October so we thought we would put together an all star cast with Dev and Jake so you could have a swell time. Give a listen and dance around and have a laugh and a goof!              


Episode 163 – Corned Beef

Hello baby how are you doing? What a cool episode for you this week! Hope that you enjoy it for very much time. Here also is the link to donate to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s


Episode 162 – Performance Fleece

Hey whats up gang. We have a very much special episode for you our friends today. Featuring the great Adam. I am just going to upload now because it is getting late and I don’t want to miss your morning commute. Love ya!


Episode 161 – Sugar Maple

OMG whats up guys? What a fun episode we have for you this week! Dear old pal Warren is in the house for a heck of a fun ass time! Enjoy listening this while you enjoy your day! We love ya!  


Episode 160 – French Fries

Hey gang! Happy Labor Day. I hope you have the day off to chill and relax. Work suck! Chilling rules! WE have a wonderful episode for you this week with a new friend. It is one of Harrison’s 10,000 cousins, Nolan! Nolan is a great dude and we talk and laugh and goof until the cows come home. We also...


Episode 159 – Scrogzilla

Whats up everyone? How was your weekend? Hope it was pretty good. We have a super fun episode for you this week. A new friend of the show who goes by the name of Jonathan aka Scrogzilla joins us and we laugh and we goof until the cows come home! I very much hope that this episode gives you a...


Episode 158 – Eclipse

Hey gang happy eclipse day. Here’s a short list of things that might happen: occult stuff, mutant transformations, nothing at all, or a full animal takeover of society. Helping us celebrate this momentous occasion are two stalwarts of the Doom Thugs history, Adam & Rachel. Also Joe cameos during the games portion of the show. Take care gang, make sure...


Episode 157 – Season 4

Hello gang, We have made it to season 4! Wow. what a wild trip it has been thus far, huh? We have a special guest joining us this week. New blood by the name of Lena is here and is so fun and nice. We have such a lovely ass time. God bless to all across the world!   I...