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Doom Thugs DIY | Build a Fire Pit and Start a Fire

Exciting news, gang! We’re venturing into the world of DIY videos. To help kick things off we’ve got our dear friend Adam to show you how to build a backyard fire pit and effectively start a fire! When the weather gets warmer we want all of you to build backyard fire pits so you can have a great fun time...

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Episode 136 – Foie Gras

Gang. WOW! We have such a fun episode for you this week. New friend of the show Lia is here, and it she is so great! Also joining the team this week are our dear friends Adam, April, and Kyle. We have such a great time talking of Europe in the spring and making meatballs with your dear friends and...

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Episode 135 – Leisure Suit Larry

Hello gang, Welcome to this week of Monday is today. We have a very fun episode of the show for you this week. Justin is here, so we have some Brunch Boys style fun. We love getting together and having laughs and fun and also chilling and thinking about the fun of life and love. Having love in your heart...

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Huge Thugs Let’s Play | WCW NWO Revenge | Wrong Special

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This week Justin makes a hell of an entrance to the Huge Thugs show! To kick off his first time he faces off against Mike — and 18 other wrestlers in a battle royale match! Who will reign supreme in this classic N64 game? This video has a lot of awesome deep cuts to the WCW roster. It’s a...

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Episode 134 – Starchy

Hello gang! What a wonderful day! Please enjoy this new episode featuring a new dear friend called Travis and an old dear friend and guest host Rachel. We laugh and goof and chat about Florida, Dungeons and Dragons, Tennessee, and as this was a recorded in the past, we talk about the weather and how weird it was at that...

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Huge Thugs Let’s Play | Disc Jam pt 1 | Wall Skips for Days

This week on Huge Thugs, Harrison, Jim, and Ben face off against each other in a round robin style tournament playing the still-in-beta Disc Jam!!!! This game is super awesome and fun. It’s like a mish-mash spliced DNA of tennis, volleyball, air hockey, Tron, ultimate frisbee, and more games! Which one of us will be the ultimate Disc Jam player?...

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Episode 133 – DVD Rewinder

Hey gang! Hope you’re doing well today. I’m doing just fine, thank you for asking. This week, we bring to you a fun and joy filled episode featuring friends old and new. In the guest host chair is an old friend named Adam. In the co-guest host/guest guest chair is our dear friend named Sean. And in the the standard...

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Huge Thugs Let’s Play | NHL Hitz Pro | Brutal Checks

This week Warren and Mike square off on the ice. Who will win? Mike’s Flyers or Warren’s Blackhawks? Only one way to find out! Oh, also, not for nothing, but this is the first time Mike and Warren have ever played video games together!!! Holy smokes! Glad we caught it on camera.    

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Episode 132 – Raise the Roof

Hello to you and to everyone! Hope that you have today off and have a classic 3 day weekend! If not, that’s ok! Everything will be fine! We have a mighty fine episode for you this week featuring Warren, Megan, and Keith. It’s actually so fun that someone may die! I hope not! Have a great week gang we will...