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Huge Thugs Let’s Play | Cook, Serve, Delicious! | Order up

Have you ever wanted to own a restaurant? Have we got the perfect game for you! Cook, Serve, Delicious! is a frantic hardcore restaurant management simulator. Watch as Harrison and Mike try their hands at running a restaurant by cooking food for customers, upgrading kitchen equipment, and flushing lots of toilets!

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Huge Thugs Let’s Play | Die Hard Arcade | Yippie Ki Yay!

In this episode of Huge Thugs Mike & Harrison fight their way through Nakatomi Plaza in the classic game Die Hard Arcade. Here’s a fun fact: Almost nothing in this game is related to Die Hard. Whoa! They also talk about their personal history with local arcades and making a MAME cabinet! Cool!  

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Episode 139 – City Mouse

Wow gang. It is very nice to be alive. It is springtime here and wonderful. This episode is full of laughter and joy and very dear friends. Bill and the one and only Michelle make their return for a very fun time. Please join us in our celebration of fun and joy! Enjoy the sunshine if you can. Wear sunblock!...

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Huge Thugs Let’s Play | Donkey Kong Country 2 | Speedrunning and You!

Might as well call this episode a donut because it is jam packed! We talk about Nintendo Power, speed running video games, and making a Raspberry Pi retro console! Brian’s video & photography website: Super Mario 64 speed run: Super Mario World credits skip:  

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Episode 138 – Scent Free Zone

Hello gang. We are joined by Rachel and new Friend of the show Joe, who is also Mike’s cousin. I love all of these people. It was very fun to record this episode and see my friends and family. I like being alive and laughing with those dear to me. Is that not what all of this is about? Here...

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Episode 137 – Live from Atomic City Comics

Hey gang. Here it is. The audio from our live show in Philadelphia. Thanks again to Everything is Awesome, Tellest, Zencaster, and of course Atomic City Comics (FB) for letting us come in and goof around for a couple hours. Love you guys. Have a nice weekend!

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Huge Thugs Let’s Play | Nintendo Switch | Cool System Bro

On this episode of Huge Thugs we interview Warren to get his thoughts and feelings on the Nintendo Switch and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We discuss all the different configurations of the Switch, some cool features about LoZ: Breath of the Wild, and Warren gives us a tentative ranking of all the Nintendo consoles!

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Doom Thugs DIY | Build a Fire Pit and Start a Fire

Exciting news, gang! We’re venturing into the world of DIY videos. To help kick things off we’ve got our dear friend Adam to show you how to build a backyard fire pit and effectively start a fire! When the weather gets warmer we want all of you to build backyard fire pits so you can have a great fun time...