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Episode 126 – Sorry for Cursing

Hey gang. Wow! We have a very special episode for you this week gang. All the way from sunny Florida, Justin’s parents are here to join us for an hour of fun and games and joy and goofs! It was really a very fun and special time and you’ll be able to hear that when you listen. Joy and love...

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Episode 124 – Quick Thanks

Hey gang. This episode is literally a quick thanks to you all for being a part of the Doom Thugs community. We wouldn’t be here without all of you. Thanks so much for being so nice and supportive. We are so grateful. We look forward to having a huge 2017 with all of you!

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Episode 123 – Oh, Christmas Tree

Hello everyone! We have a wonderful episode for you to listen to as we enter the week of Christmas Holiday!!! And boy howdy, it is a good one! Bill and Jackie are here as guests as Adam and April guest host. We have so much fun, we know that you will too. Have a great week. Take some deep breaths...

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Episode 122 – Huge Thugs

Wow! What is this ? Crossover season? idk man but we have another super dope crossover for you this week! And now, it is themed with the beautiful theme of a holiday surprise party of love and special friendship! We are joined by the cool dudes from the I’ve Made a Huge Mistake podcast to laugh and goof and joke...

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Episode 121 – Pop Addled Party

Hello everybody!! We have a treat for you this week gang. Timmy and Keenan (we missed you Sam) from the Pop Addled podcast for a super fun and chill crossover episode. Harry and I are joined by Timmy and Keenan for an episode in the fashion of an episode Pop Addled. We all count down our list of Top 5...

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Episode 120 – Hot Doggin’

Hello there. Thank you for joining us again. We have a wonderful episode here for you this week. It is so full of joy and love! Please listen so that you can feel the joy that we felt recording it! It was very fun. So fun, that a new game may have been debuted. REALLY?! Listen and find out!

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Episode 119 – Tea Time

Hey gang! Great new episode for you this week. Rachel and Tammie join the group and have lots of fun and laughs. Have a great week and have a happy Thanksgiving baby!  

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Episode 118 – A Remix BTW

Hey gang! Are you doing ok? I sure hope so. We have a lovely episode for you all this week. Two all pro friendship pals name of Justin and Warren are here and we all try to come to grips with the world in which we live. But we do it in a very funny way. Hopefully it brings you...